IAHSE’s 33rd Annual Conference

IAHSE’s 2021 Conference Theme

Changes, Challenges, Opportunities: Re-evaluating Equity in State Government.

President Carmen Lebron welcomed all the attendees and thank the participants.

Introduction & Job Fair Exibitions

The conference kick off with an open remark from the president Carmen Lebron and a message from DHS/DRS Director Rhanee Patrick followed by a Job Fair Exibition and network opportunities.

Luncheon, Award Ceremony & Keynote speakers


IAHSE’s 2021 Keynote Speaker Domingo Garcia- LULAC National President gave a profound speech at the conference.

IAHSE awarded Dr. Carmen Ayala, Omayra Giachello, Veronica Gloria and Roberto A. Valdez for their outstanding contributions in Latino communities.

Conference Work Shops

One of the main highlights of the conference is the educational workshops which focuses on providing new resources and tools for state employees.

Night Life entertainment

Reception was filled with live entertainment, great cultural music, dancing and food and beverages.

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